Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mini Mountains, watercolor/gouache 5"x7"

Mt. West Park
View of Wendy's Glacier
Parking lot Pass
Mt. Winco
These piles of snow from the plows are all that are left from the massive snow we had.  My five year old son and I have been imagining ourselves as a tiny lego men exploring these massive glacial mountainscapes.


Gregg Caudell said...

careful...gettin pretty abstract...you will be fitting right in with fellow WSU elite. good stuff though

John and Penny said...

I'm glad Corey Bug has your imagination! Nice paintings though, you always loved the piles of snow the snowplows left! Nice job! mom

The Coolest Allen Family said...

You have been busy! They are beautiful...but they always are!

Cordell Johnson said...

Thanks guys, and don't worry this is as conceptual as I get..

John and Penny said...

You are so good at all medias. I really like these they are different from most of what you do but that's got to be fun once and a while. John