Saturday, June 21, 2008

9"x12" Plein Airs

"The Chief"
I couldn't resist painting the wonderful lines of  these Felt cruisers.
"Alternative Transportation"
The play of the grey ground and shadows to the lime green bike was a lot of fun.  Thanks Outdoor Experience for lending me the bikes.


love River said...

nice blog

I wish good luck to you
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Jared Shear said...

No!!!...I wish you better luck.
Come to my blog!!

Alexis said...

Love the bikes! You work is getting awesome-er!

John and Penny said...

I love to see you expand your horizons! These are great! John

Naomi said...

I love the bikes!! It is different work for you but really did a good job at these new plein airs. The iris I like them too. I remember your dad painting iris's in water color I really liked them.
Love Naomi