Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scotchman Peaks Odyssey, Plein-Air. 2

Evening with the Peaks
4"x 7"
Watercolor on Arches
"As I attempted to capture a moment of the trip, the realization of the experience was fleeting and soon I would be back in the busy world, I realized that this place wouldn't be busy, it would be like it was right now."

Where the snow meets Sky
5.5"x 7"
Watercolor/ Gouache on Arches
"As I sat contemplating the immensity of space, the meeting place of the snow and sky begged me to paint it."

Snow, sand, and rocks.
4.5"x 6"
Watercolor/Gouache on Strathmore
"I attempted to find the complex lines in the rocks compared to the smoothness of the snow, th image and place seem upside down with the dark heavy rocks on top wanting to be at the bottom."

The Basin
9.75"x 6.5"
Watercolor/ Gouache on Arches
"Everyturn, every corner there was another painting asking to be put on paper, the rocks, trees and a touch of green, the timelessness of the place challenging me."

Holy #@%! Grotto
4.75"x 7.75"
Watercolor on Moleskin paper
Sandy Compton Collection
"This place was our inspiration for the way down the mountain. Sandy from the moment he returned from scouting a way down, continually shook his head and told us we weren't going to believe the surprise he had for us... he was right, simply amazing."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scotchman Peaks Odyssey, Plein-Air.

Little Spar lake

48 Hr Pass
6"x 8"
Watercolor/Pastel on Crescent Board
"I sat looking at this place realizing that Sandy was out there somewhere looking for the best way down"

Yellow Skies & quiet nights
Watercolor on Crescent Board
"On our final night, I sat by the fire watching the evening unfold, the sky began to turn yellow just before quietness took over for the night."

Melissa Basin
6.5"x 10"
Watercolor on Strathmore
"The power of experiencing a place that can move mighty rocks is almost inexpressible."

10:30 in the Peaks
3"x 5"
Watercolor on Crescent Board
"I am always amazed at the colors that evening produces and the ability it has to turn a complicated form into simplicity."

3.75"x 6"
Watercolor on Strathmore
"The only way to understand something so majestically complex is through simplicity."

Snow and Trees
5.75"x 4"
Watercolor on Canson
"I was amazed at the sturdy little trees, stubbornly pushing their way through rock and snow even though everything is pushing back."

Scotchman Peak #2
8"x 6.75"
Watercolor on Crescent Board
"I was taken aback at all the different forms of rock in this one place, pink, purple, blue and orange rocks. Some looked as though they were concrete sidewalks smooth and straight."

Looking out
Watercolor/Pastel on Canson
"as I sat looking out, I was amazed at how something as solid and immovable as a mountain, can look as transparent and fluid as water."

Evening Skies
4"x 7"
Watercolor on Arches
"I sat watching, attempting to capture the mountains fading into the sky before night took over."

I was lucky enough to spend the past 4 days in the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, with fellow artist Jared Shear and thank you Sandy Compton for the safe trip through the wilderness. If anybody is in Sandpoint on August 7th, come to the Timberstand Gallery for the show.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stormy Moran.

Around sunset there was a terrific storm that really purpled everything up. It gave the whole area a great mood.