Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hidden Lake 8"x10" oil on mahogony

I feel this is my most successful painting of the group. It is a mile and half to the over look and another mile and a half down to the lake.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Glacier Morning 8"x10" oil on mahogony

I did this at 6:30 in the morning on Going to the sun road, looking southwest. This painting was accepted to the Yellowstone Art Museum Auction in March 2008

Glacier Cliffs 8"x10" oil on mahogony

This and the next painting Renolds were on the trail up to Hidden Lake, the smoke from all the Montana fires rolling through gave these mountains a very abstract quality that I enjoyed capturing. All that I was able to see was there silhouette and there snow at the bottom. As I painted there was a rock chuck that continuously bothered, me begging for food and checking my pack, I thought he was going to go for my foot a couple times.

Renolds 9"x12" oil on mahogony

Glacier Evening 8"x10" oil on mahogony

I did this entire painting with a 3" brush just for fun.

Smokie skies 9"x14 oil on mahogony

I'm not sure about this painting, I did it with a large 3" brush and the skies changed every second. The smoke became so thick that everything had a hazy edge.

Glacier Sunrise 9"x14" oil on mahogony

Another view from Going-to-the-sun road, it was a beautiful morning to paint.

View from Going to the Sun 11"x14"

Tunnel 9"x14"

As I painted the tunnel the wind was crazy, There was a lot of dirt and dust that kept getting into the painting. I almost lost my tripod and paints over the cliff, luckly I caught them.

Koo Koo Sint 2"x8" oil on mahogony

Missoula Evening 3.5"x4" oil on panel

Bungalow 3.5"x4" oil on panel